Tea art

It was quiet. Because in this noisy world, In a hurry, Go further. Calm down, Taste the sweetness and authenticity of a cup of life

Tea Ceremony

Chinese tea ceremony has a long history.

But the modern and impetuous modern people are snubbing.

The world is red and the seas are rolling. Life is worth living in such a quiet evening.

Stop tired footsteps and make a pot of tea.

Carving a good time, in the joy of joy,

Slowly savor the pleasure of stealing half a day's leisure.

     After bitterness and sweetness, it can refresh the mind and make up the Qi.

    Fresh and mellow, smell fragrant, golden yellow and bright, with strong tea and strong foam resistance.

    The water is sweet and fragrant, refreshing, rich in flavor and rich in mellow taste.

Ethereal tea
Gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind


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